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To turn it off.

Open iPhone Settings Privacy & Security. However, Instagram still works perfectly fine with Precise Location.

How to disable location service for Instagram on iPhone.

The idea is that, unlike with Instagram, youre forced to be real.

. . Tap Instagram on the page.

But it's been around since iOS 14 and is not currently.

Go to the Settings of your Android device. Tap Instagram. Aug 25, 2022 Step 3 Search for the app you want to disable from accessing your precise location for example, Instagram.

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But always try to keep location-sharing to a minimum it&39;s your personal data after all.

Tap App location permissions. Disable the Improve Location Accuracy switch.

. How to control Precise Location.

Aug 25, 2022 Is Precise Location safe Precise Location is as safe as the app you&39;re offering it to.


. Precise location is a setting smartphones first introduced for all apps, including Instagram, in 2020. Next, search for Location services here.

But after the update, the ability to turn off the precise location setting allowed. Next, go to Google Location Accuracy. Click on the app. Its gimmicky, but its refreshing and fun. . 2.


. Aug 26, 2022 Go into your settings app, not through Instagram settings.

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However, Instagram's "precise location" feature, which does allow apps to use your location data, is nothing new and was introduced in 2020 with iOS 14, per PC Mag.

Aug 25, 2022 If you want to turn off the precise location tracking, it&39;s actually pretty easy.